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Examination Office

The Examination Office is responsible for matters relating to study and examination regulations, examination registration, as well as transcripts and certificates of study. The following Examination Offices are responsible for the Institute’s study programmes:

Examination Board

The Examination Board is responsible for the following study programmes:

Landscape Planning Diploma

  • Bachelor of Landscape Planning and LandscapeArchitecture
  • Bachelor of Ecology and Environmental Planning
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  • Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Master of Environmental Planning
  • Master of Urban Ecosystem Science
  • Master of Ecology and Environmental Planning

Recognition of credits

In order to facilitate the process of recognizing credits attained at other universities, the Examination Board offers the following information to students:

1. Initial contact person

Students are requested to address all queries to the Examination Board Secretary. Please provide your complete address, telephone number, and email address. Inquiries can be directed to the following address:

Examination Board Secretary:
Ms. Richter on behalf of Chair Prof. Dr. Birgit Kleinschmit

Room 307
TU Berlin Campus
Telephone: (030) 314-71818
Email: angelika.richter@tu-berlin.de

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11am – 2pm.

Mailing Address:

Angelika Richter
Sekr. -EB 16-
Straße des 17. Juni 145
10623 Berlin

Currently, this mailing address applies to post intended for Chair Prof. Dr. Kleinschmit, Deputy Chair Prof. Dr. Paton, as well as Deputy Chair Prof. Dr. Kühn.

2. The recognition of transfer credits for current TU Berlin students

Please fill in a copy of the form “Antrag auf Überprüfung bisher Leistungen (Teil B)” which can be accessed with the shortcut 186789. The form should be accompanied by a list from the applicant showing the credits obtained at other universities and the credits/courses from the TU Berlin that they are intended to be equivalent to. Applicants can find information on the relevant modules and course, as well as the study and examination regulations on the website of Faculty VI.

For every course/module that an applicant wishes to have recognized, the following information is required:

  • Name of course/module
  • Type of course/module (e.g. seminar, project, lecture, practical exercises
  • ECTS
  • Grade

The successful completion of courses/modules at other universities must be proven. Therefore, the above mentioned form and the list of equivalencies should also be accompanied by the applicant’s transcripts from other universities, attesting to the completion of courses and the grades received by the applicant.

3. The recognition of transfer credits for students switching study programmes

Students who are currently studying at another university but who wish to enrol themselves in a study programme at the TU Berlin must have their transcripts assessed by the Examination Board. The Board will then assign the applicant to the appropriate semester of the respective study programme. The process by which an applicant can make an inquiry to the Examination Board is the same as described in point 2 above. Additionally, applicants should fill in the form “Antrag auf Überprüfung bisher erbrachter Leistungen (Teil A)” which can be accessed with the shortcut 20843.

If the applicant wishes to be assigned to a higher semester in the respective study programme, the necessary forms and documents should be submitted to the Examination Board two months before the desired study programme’s application deadline. The semester to which an applicant applies for admission must be the same as the semester that the applicant has been assigned by the Examination Board.

4. The recognition of the equivalency of study programmes

In order to assess the equivalency of a study programme from another university with a study programme from the TU Berlin, the applicant should include the following documents: obtained diploma, Bachelor, or Master certificate with information regarding ECTS and grades. For Landscape Architecture, attestations of completed design projects are additionally required.


Current deadlines and application periods can be found on the website of the general Academic Advising Service.

International Students

As a first point of contact, international students should get in touch with the office for Student Mobility and International Students (formerly the International Office) at the TU Berlin.

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